OK, now I'm here. So what are cookies?
A cookie is a small text file sent from a web server to a browser. The cookie allows the website or web server to collect and store specific, but limited information from the browser about how you use it.

Cookies are used to optimise a website's functionality and adapt it according to your preferences. We may therefore use cookies with the aim of improving your user experience by remembering your actions on the site from one visit to the next. Website functionality is to a certain extent dependent on cookies e.g. for keeping you logged in.

I see, but are there several different cookies on the site?
This website contains two different types of cookies – persistent cookies, which are text files sent from here and stored on your computer and allow us to remember e.g. you, your login and your preferences, and temporary, session cookies that are only stored temporarily and disappear when you close your browser.

We also use various tools from social media, both third-party and custom-built solutions, to enhance the site's interaction capabilities. If you already use any of these social media platforms, their cookies may be placed with you via our website and link to your account with the specific supplier. The data may then be used by them to customize the functionality or advertising on their website, based on how you use their service on our website.

We may also use third party cookies to collect and store anonymous data and statistics on search or website behaviour, which together with other site visit data is used to produce statistical summaries and reports. None of this data is personal and it is not linked to your personal data.

But what if I don’t want cookies?
You do not need to accept cookies from our website, and most web browsers allow you to decline cookies when you enter the site. If you choose not to accept cookies, or delete them from your browsing history, functions, services or pages on this website will lose functionality and accessibility and your experience will be impaired.

if you want to learn more about cookies, you can find information at:

OK, but then what do you do with my personal data?
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) seeks to protect individuals from having their privacy violated when their personal data is processed.
The personal data you provide on this website when you fill in forms or take part in competitions/campaigns, is processed by us to enable us either to appoint a competition or campaign winner, or to let you know you need to contact us.

Your personal data is processed by Fria Bröd AB and its approved partners.
If you would like information on which personal data about you is processed by Fria Bröd, or wish to request rectification of personal data or stop direct advertising mailings from us, you can request this by contacting us at: Kristian Medailleu