Fria Bröd is refurbishing and investing in its production facilities in Västra Frölunda. This refurbishment means that space in our production facilities will be constrained, resulting in a risk of contamination from eggs. Before the refurbishment begins, in 2017 Fria will start adding the label “may contain traces of egg” to its products. During the transition period, there will be products both with and without this label available on the market. In conjunction with this new labelling, we’ll also be updating the packaging design of all our products.
Fria’s ready-made Margherita, Ham & Mozzarella, and Pepperoni Pizzas are produced in separate premises and so are not covered by this change in labelling.

What does the label “may contain traces of” mean?
Food manufacturers have a duty to always ensure that ingredients that don’t belong in the recipe don’t end up in the product. Sometimes a situation may arise whereby the same production lines are used for multiple products. Despite thorough cleaning procedures, this does pose an allergen contamination risk. In such cases, the food manufacturer must add a “may contain traces of” label. The label is primarily used to protect consumers with severe allergies who may be sensitive to even the smallest amount of an allergen. “May contain traces of” is a voluntary label and is not currently regulated by legislation. However, the label must never be used as an excuse for poor cleaning, but as an absolute last resort when it is impossible to avoid a risk of contamination from allergenic ingredients.

How much egg do products contain which are labelled “may contain traces of”?
The “may contain traces of egg” label means that there is a risk of contamination from eggs. This does not mean that egg will be found in all products, but in some cases there may be contamination from products which do contain egg. There are no limits on how much of an allergen a product labelled “may contain traces of” can contain. The label is based on the manufacturer’s assessment of whether there is a risk that small amounts of allergens may occasionally be found in products where these allergens are not included in the recipe.

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